Jalema Clip

Jalema offers hanging files with JalemaClips woven through the spine and collective pocket files with expandable gussets. These hanging files fit on Jalema floor racks, wall racks and in existing structures. The unique "hook-and-bar" feature allows the file to hang on special T-bars for easy one handed filing and retrieving. The bars are included in Jalema hardware but can also be mounted in existing structures such as shelving, cabinets, rotary files, mobile shelving, workstations, closets, etc.

Jalema Jockey indexing flags for files. Simply hole punch any file and snap Jockey on to side of file. Typing strips are included.

Arnato/ Centerpoint Hanging Files


Jalema Jockey

The DigiStrip flash drive allows you to store digital documents together with hard-copy documents together in the same file. The flash drive cover plate fits over metal fasteners and becomes part of the file. It comes with a 2GB or 4GB flash drive.

Jalema manufactures the Jalema Clip (a.k.a. Docuclip, MediClip, U-clip, EasyClip, SpaceClip) and has sold over 300 million worldwide. The JalemaClip offers an alternative to metal fasteners that are inefficient for organizing and managing documents in active files. The JalemaClip with the self-adhesive base can be applied to any file folder and allows you to leaf through the file like a book, add and remove pages without disturbing the rest of the file and make clean copies without removing the pages. The JalemaClip is available in standard yellow and blue.